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    Salesforce Apps
    Predictive Offers
    Predictive Lead Scoring
    Predictive Retention
    Predictive Case Routing
      Customer Acquisition
      Cross-Sell and Up-Sell
      Retention and Churn
      Next Best Activity
      Social Network Analysis
    Financial Services
      Customer Acquisition
      Retention and Churn
      Next Best Activity
      Credit Scoring and Risk
      Personalized Content
      Product Recommendations
      Social Recommendations
      Targeted Ads
      Cross-Sell and Up-Sell
      Retention Programs
      Customer Segmentation
      Product Assortment and Forecasting
      Market Basket Analysis
      Social Network Analysis
      Analytical Record
      Data Access
      Data Aggregation
      Text Analytics
      Social Network Analysis
      Modeling Automation
      Identify Key Variables
      Self-Service Models
      Reduce Human Error
      Intuitive Reporting
      In-Database Scoring
      Enterprise-Class Integration
      Schedule Model Refreshes
      Manage By Exception
      Recreate Analytical Data
      Deploy Scores Instantly
    Social Network Analysis
      End-to-End Analysis
      Keep Your Data In-House
      Huge Data Volumes
      Supercommunity Detection
      Visualize Your Networks
      Identify Influencers
      Targeting Accuracy
      Identify Hidden Links
      Link Multiple Identities
      Big Data Analysis
      Weighted Rulesets
      Social Recommendations
      Easy Deployment
  Why KXEN
    Public Communications Services
    Vodafone Germany
    Bank Austria (Unicredit)
    Vodafone Netherlands
    Bank of America
    CAPITAL Card Services
    Co-Operative Financial Services
    Disbank (Fortis)
    Editions Legislatives
    LCL Le Credit Lyonnais
    Lloyds TSB
    Net Servicos
    Telekomunikacja Polska (TPSA-Orange Poland)
      Vodafone New Zealand
    Otto Group
    Royal Shakespeare Company
    Virgin Media
    Vodafone New Zealand
      Waytaniya Telecom
    US Cellular
    VM Materiaux
    Pocket Card
    Wolters Kluwer
    Bank of Montreal
    Social Mix Media
    CBS Interactive
    GMF Vie
    Allant Group
    Obama For America
    SAMSE Group
    PKO Bank Polski
  News and Events
    Press and News
        2007-03-20 SIX SIGMA
        2007-06-27 ANALYTIC FRAMEWORK 4POINT0
        2007-06-28 NORDAX
        2007-08-16 BANK ZACHODNI
        2007-04-25-MOBILE OPERATOR ONE
        2007-05-14-MAGIC QUADRANT REPORT
        2007-02-27-BANK AUSTRIA
        2007-09-01-RAPID ANALYTICS
        2007-11-26-VIRGIN MEDIA
        2008-01-15-ROYAL SHAKESPEARE
        2008-01-17-KXEN BENEFITS
        2008-01-22-SURVEY 2008
        2008-01-23-OMID RAZAVI
        2008-03-11-OTTO UK
        2008-06-19-KXEN AF V5
        2008-09-09-KXEN V5 GARTNERCRM
        2008-09-23-ADVISORY BOARD
        2008-10-07-VODAFONE GERMANY
        2008-11-27-MARKETING ANALYTICS
        2009-01-06-MAYATO TEST
        2009-01-28-WELLS FARGO
        2009-02-03-KXEN NEW CUSTOMERS
        2009-02-24-TFMA 2009
        2009-03-24-KXEN SNA
        2009-04-23-SURVEY 2009
        2009-06-08-KDD 2009
        2009-07-02-IDC FRANCE
        2009-09-22-DIGITAL ALCHEMY
        2009-12-21-CAPITAL CARD SERVICES
        2010-01-21-FROST SULLIVAN SNA
        2010-02-08-FORRESTER WAVE
        2010-02-18-JOHN BALL
        2010-05-19-DAVID GUERCIO
        2010-06-16-SERIES D FUNDING
        2010-06-30-XAVIER HAFFREINGUE
        2010-07-19-BILL RUSSELL
        2010-07-27-SURVEY 2010
        2010-10-26-ANDREW SAVITZ
        2011-02-01-MATTHIEU CHOUARD
        2011-10-11 CORTICON
        2011-10-13 RICARDO FUCHS
        2011-10-25 XL
        2012-03-08 KXEN V6
        2012-04-17-VM MATERIAUX
        2012-06-11-BELGACOM AT GARTNER
        2012-07-12-SOCIAL MIX MEDIA
        2012-07-12-FAST ENTERPRISES
        2012-07-25-ACTUATE GOLD
        2012-08-07 GARTNER VENDOR RATING
        2012-08-23 MOBILINK SNA
        2012-09-18-CLOUD DREAMFORCE
        2012-10-23-EPIC AWARDS-TERADATA
        2012-10-30-FORRESTER WAVE 2012
        2012-11-01-EPIC AWARDS-KXEN
        2012-11-07-PKO BANK-TERADATA
        2013-01-08-FORRESTER WAVE BDPA 2013
        2013-03-05-KXEN V6-5
        2013-03-14 KXEN PREDICTIVE OFFERS
        2013-04-03-GRUPPO DAMAN
        2013-05-01-AAA GARTNER AWARD
        2013-06-27-GMF VIE
        2013-07-17-ALLANT GROUP
        2013-08-15-VENTANA AWARD
        2013-08-20-DATAWEEK AWARD
        2013-09-19-PKO BP
        2013-09-10 SAP ACQUISITION KXEN
        2012-03-12 News QA with SYBASE
        2012-04-10 Data Key to the Furure
        2012-06-19 Gaining Infinite Insight with KXEN
        2013-03-07 Prevedere la Cassa integrazione
        2013-03-14 KXEN amene l analyse predictive sur Salesforce
        2013-03-14 Salesforce complete son offre avec KXEN
        2013-03-29 Skyrock dope ses forums grace a un outil d analyse predictif
        2013-04-02 KXEN permet a Skyrock com de mieux cibler ses membres
        2013-04-03 Le Big Data Marketing vu par KXEN
        2013-04-17 KXEN apporte la statistique au cloud via Salesforce
        2013-04-17 KXEN apporte une 2e application d analyse predictive a Salesforce
        2013-03-14 KXEN Seeks to Democratize Predictive Analytics
        2013-03-14 Salesforce Customers Get Access to Predictive Offers
        2013-03-15 KXEN Launches Predictive Offers on Salesforce AppExchange
        2013-03-18 KXEN Unveils Predictive Offers on Salesforce's AppExchange
        2013-03-15 KXEN Launches Predictive Analytics Tool on Salesforce's AppExchange
        2013-03-18 KXEN's Predictive Offers Helps Agents Get Inside Customers' Heads
        2013-04-13 KXEN Interview with Erik Marcade
        2013-04-29 Data-Driven Marketing Gets Dramatic Results
        2013-05-13 La recommandation pour doper l'audience d'un media (video Allocine)
        2013-06-24-KXEN ajoute la fonction geolocalisation a l'analyse predictive
        2013-05-27 Robust Data Analytics Center Helps AAA Drive Relevance
        2013-09-17-Cloud Apps Are Getting Smarter
      Predictive Offers
      Big Data and Predictive Analytics (Causata)
      Best Practices for Faster ROI (Aberdeen Group)
      Big Data Analytics (Sybase)
      Next Best Activity (James Taylor)
      Hit the Jackpot (MarketingWeek)
    Upcoming Events
    Event Recap
      Insight Tour (Chicago)
      Insight Tour (France)
      Insight Tour (Warsaw)
      City Tour (Amsterdam)
      CTO Live (Dubai)
      City Tour (Rome)
      City Tour (Madrid)
      Insight Live '12 London
      City Tour (Bay Area)
      City Tour (New York)
      Insight Live '12 France
      City Tour (Brussels)
      City Tour (Amsterdam '12)
      City Tour (Detroit)
      City Tour (London)
      Insight Live '11 (Paris)
      City Tour (Toronto)
      City Tour (Dallas)
      City Tour (Boston)
      City Tour (New York '11)
      User Conference (AMER and APAC '11)
      Quarterly Insights (Summer 2013)
      Quarterly Insights (Spring 2013)
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