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Frédéric Krebs

InfiniteInsight® Social is increasing stickiness on our website. For us it is the best choice we made this year. 

Frédéric Krebs

Allociné Boosts Advertising Revenue by 9% with Movie Recommendations Fueled by InfiniteInsight®



  • The Allociné Group, which operates a worldwide network of entertainment websites including Screenrush in the UK, Sensacine in Brazil, and Allociné in France, faced lost revenue opportunities due to regularly selling out of available advertising space on its website.
  • Although in France Allociné has 35 million unique visitors, 2 million registered users, 100, 000 movies, the company needed to increase page views, which translate directly into available advertising space.
  • To boost site stickiness, Allociné wanted to provide visitors with movie recommendations.


  • InfiniteInsight® Social’s ability to rapidly analyze links between huge volumes of data to provide online recommendations made it the only solution that could meet Allocine’s performance and scalability requirements. 
  • Initially, Allociné deployed InfiniteInsight® Social to recommend “similar movies” by linking and weighting films with common attributes like actors, directors, genre, origin, film certification and tags.
  • Building on its initial success, Allociné is implementing a feature which analyzes preferences and ratings of over 2 million registered users to create additional personalized recommendations for authenticated website visitors.


  • Deployed movie recommendations on its website in only 2 months, without any prior experience in predictive analytics.
  • Increased page views - and as a result advertising revenue - by 9 percent.
  • Introducing the personalized recommendations feature in only 2 months after the initial deployment.
  • Expect to further increase page views and advertising revenue by 15%.
  • Can easily adapt to changing behaviors and preferences because the underlying social networks  that fuel personalized website recommendations are refreshed automatically and can be fine-tuned through quick & easy iterations.
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