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Daniel Mathieux

InfiniteInsight® helps us put the right products and services in front of members at the right time. 

Daniel Mathieux
Director, Member Insights and E-Business

AAA Boosts Marketing Insight Across the Customer Lifecycle with InfiniteInsight®



  • AAA National Office assembled a centralized “Action Center” tasked with providing strategic marketing services to its individual motor clubs.
  • Standardized on InfiniteInsight® for next-generation predictive analytics to boost marketing insight across the customer lifecycle.
  • Provide collective insight to clubs about members most likely to benefit from the association’s wide range of offerings.
  • InfiniteInsight’s® out-of-the box reporting feature allows business analysts to easily explain modeling results, variable contributions and gain charts to  club marketing teams.


  • Two business analysts can scale to provide predictive models across many of AAA’s motor clubs.
  • InfiniteInsight’s® automated approach to modeling has made predictive analytics affordable, usable and understandable.
  • Optimizing marketing campaigns for nearly 70% of the AAA membership and across a variety of channels, including the call center, direct mail and email with future plans to include websites and social networking.
  • InfiniteInsight® helps AAA put the right products and services in front of members at the right time.
  • AAA offers for travel, insurance and financial services can be customized to the member’s interests and needs using insights gained through predictive analysis.
  • By extending targeted offers to members with low usage, AAA has been able to cut attrition and increase overall customer lifetime value.
  • In some instances, individual clubs at AAA have attributed millions of dollars in sales to campaigns optimized by InfiniteInsight®.
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