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KXEN Technical Support provides you with fast, expert technical support to help you manage, troubleshoot and get the most out of InfiniteInsight®. We provide the convenience of communicating with us by email, web or phone, and a well-defined escalation path that assures your technical issues will receive the proper attention.

We offer a variety of support plans designed to give you access to KXEN's expert team. These individuals are available to assist with new installations as well as identify and resolve any issues that might affect your InfiniteInsight® deployment.

Contacting Support

For general support inquiries, please visit our Support Portal or email

For more information and to find the appropriate support contact for your region and product needs, please refer to our Maintenance & Support Policy.

InfiniteInsight® allows us to build a large number of higher quality models with only limited resources. 

Dave Torgerson, Senior Director, Shared Analytical & Data Services

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