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We've Revolutionized Predictive Analytics

Our Experts, Your Business, Proven Results

KXEN consulting professionals and our trained partners have years of experience designing, deploying, and managing KXEN solutions. They bring best practices from hundreds of InfiniteInsight® deployments in a variety of industries like Communications, Financial Services and Retail. They empower you and your business to supercharge predictive analytics across your entire business.

Readiness Assessment

We’ll work with your team to understand the data, the skills and the IT infrastructure you need to get started with predictive analytics. This service is designed to quickly assess your company's current capabilities and any gaps that might exist. Along with this assessment, we’ll construct a project plan to help get your organization off the ground and running in no time.

Pilot Project

You’ve identified a business need for predictive analytics. For example you may want to optimize a cross-sell campaign of a new product or reduce customer churn. Now it’s go time.

We’ll provide you with tools and skills to quickly analyze the problem and test our solutions against a real business need. This service is highly focused and is designed to return value in a fraction of the time you would expect with traditional predictive analytic approaches.

Fast Track

Congratulations! You've selected InfiniteInsight® for predictive analytics. Now, how do we start seeing real business results?

Our Fast Track service provides you with the resources and expertise to quickly and efficiently install InfiniteInsight®, configure the supporting data infrastructure, create predictive models that will drive your business process and perform the knowledge transfer to your teams. This service is highly focused and is designed to get you into production as quickly and efficiently as possible while also supporting your longer-term modeling needs.

Health Check

You are a InfiniteInsight® customer and have a seasoned predictive analytics team. Your business analysts are producing tons of predictive models to optimize your marketing campaigns. But could you be doing more?

Our Health Check service provides you with the expertise you need to get the most out of your investment in InfiniteInsight®. Our experts have years of experience in predictive analytics and bring a wealth of industry domain knowledge and best practices to you. This service is designed to evaluate your current deployment of our solutions and provide you with best practices gleaned from hundreds of successful implementations of InfiniteInsight® around the world and in a variety of industries such as Communications, Financial Services and Retail.

Success Stories