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KXEN's Predictive Offers™

KXEN's Predictive Offers™ Free Trials

KXEN’s Predictive Offers™ is an application built on the Cloud Prediction™ platform and enables the management of intelligent offers in Next best offers are determined by 1) a prediction of the offer’s likelihood to be accepted and 2) simplified, rule-based constraints like if the customer is eligible or if there is inventory on-hand (e.g. think wait times for Apple's iPhone 5.)

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KXEN's Predictive Retention™

KXEN's Predictive Retention™ Free Trials

KXEN’s Predictive Retention™ is an early-warning system to identify those customers at risk of churning and in combination with Predictive Offers™ can suggest offers or promotions that can help keep their business.

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KXEN's Predictive Lead Scoring™

KXEN's Predictive Lead Scoring™ Free Trials

KXEN’s Predictive Lead Scoring™ is an application built on the Cloud Prediction™ platform and enables the intelligent scoring of leads in your org based on a prediction of the lead’s likelihood to convert into a qualified sales opportunity.

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Next Best Activity

Learn how to make every interaction the Next Best Action using best-in-class predictive analytics and business rules.

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