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Social Network Analysis

Social Network Analysis

The Shape of Your Social Network

It’s no assumption that people socialize into groups. By using business data, we can learn about the links between our customers and just as importantly, which customers have a strong social influence. We can use this insight to create a competitive advantage.

How can you build a social network? Think about your cell phone. Every call and text message tells us who you know and how well you know them. In financial services, checks or electronic payments can tell who you’re doing business with.

With InfiniteInsight® Social, we’ve put social network analysis at work in a number of industries and business scenarios:

Customer LifecycleRisk & Fraud
  • Money laundering
  • Credit card fraud
  • Introduction of counterfeits
  • Retail theft surveillance
  • Terrorism / crime / security
  • End-to-end social network analysis capabilities
  • Powerful visualization capabilities and graph exploration
  • Natively integrates social attributes into predictive models
  • Identifies “influencers” and node segmentation for specific domains
  • Keeps your data in-house, no data outsourcing
  • Detects hidden links in your data
  • Links individuals using multiple identities

InfiniteInsight® puts the power of social network analysis in-house. 

Jarosław Kosiński, Corporate Project Manager

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Discover how social network analysis can be used in viral marketing campaigns across the customer lifecycle from acquisition to cross-sell, up-sell, next best activity and retention.