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Modeling’s First-Ever Solution for Marketers

InfiniteInsight® Express

With clicks and not code, marketing professionals can build world-class predictive models in minutes to optimize more granular marketing programs, respond quickly to competitive campaigns and to make sure that customer interactions are based on the latest information. InfiniteInsight® Genius’ extensive predictive modeling capabilities include:

  • Self-Service Models: Putting the power of complex modeling in the hands of marketing. Marketing professionals will be able to build predictive models on-demand with no prior training in data mining techniques. InfiniteInsight® Genius offers an easy-to-use browser-based, graphical user interface which intuitively walks marketers step-by-step as they identify the behavior they are trying to predict, the timeframe in which the prediction will occur and the target audience.
  • Profit Maximization: Marketers can enter campaign costs and expected profits for each positive response and InfiniteInsight® Genius automatically calculates the optimum target lists based on constraints such as maximizing profits or maximizing total revenues within the campaign budget.
  • Plug & Play with InfiniteInsight®: Because InfiniteInsight® Genius is native to InfiniteInsight®, the solution takes advantage of KXEN’s start-to-finish automation of the predictive analytics process – from preparing the analytical data set, to building the predictive model, deploying resulting scores into production and scheduling periodic refreshes as often as needed and based on the latest data.
  • Integration to Marketing Process and Tools: Resulting predictive scores and scoring equations can be deployed directly in-database to the data warehouse, in real-time to transactional systems like a corporate website or call center, or in batch to campaign management applications.
  • Scales Your Power User: Data mining professionals are able to define analytical records using InfiniteInsight® Explorer, predictive analytics first-ever “semantic layer”, to create the 360-degree view of the customer used in generating analytical data sets as well as parameters to be accessed by marketers as they navigate through the guided marketing wizard.
  • Pre-Defined Templates: InfiniteInsight® Genius is configurable to address different business processes. In the solution’s initial release, InfiniteInsight® Genius is delivered out-of-the box with a marketing campaign optimization template.

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