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Every Model at Peak Performance

Customers love the productivity they get with InfiniteInsight® Factory. So much so, that many customers are asking more “what if” questions and ending up with hundreds or even thousands of predictive models.

With traditional predictive methods, it’s impossible to optimize great numbers of campaigns, become overly granular in targeting, or to retrain models on a regular basis. It’s simply takes too long and competes with other business priorities.

InfiniteInsight® Factory has eliminated these limits. It’s industrialized modeling with a factory approach so that you can build, deploy and improve any number of predictive models.

  • Browser-based, authenticated environment
  • User-friendly scheduling interface designed for business analysts
  • Notification and alerts to allow for "management by exception" of data and model deviations
  • Provides reporting environment adapted to different user profiles (analysts, supervisors, administrators)
  • Maintains an unlimited number of models

Success Stories

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