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KXEN, An SAP Company
Stephen Brobst

KXEN's InfiniteInsight® tests the limits of modern predictive analytics. 

Stephen Brobst



Teradata is the global leader in enterprise data warehousing and enterprise analytic technologies and services. With its high-performance database as well as supporting tools and utilities, Teradata gives companies a competitive advantage by harnessing both their operational and historical detailed data in a centralized data warehouse that drives the business. For Teradata customers, KXEN offers new analytical capabilities for business users. KXEN taps the Teradata database to identify key drivers and build fast, reliable enterprise models for business questions that they couldn’t afford to model in the past. Data mining professionals then use Teradata Warehouse Miner to build and deploy production data models based on the results of InfiniteInsight®.

Type: Solution
Sub-Type: Application
Region: Global
Industries: Communications, Financial Services, Retail, Other
Solutions: Customer Lifecycle, Social Network Analysis, Segmentation, Risk, Fraud, Operations
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