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KXEN, An SAP Company

Infinite Insight into Your Website


We're Plugged In

We’re working with some of the largest e-Businesses in the world to achieve new levels of personalization and insight with petabytes of big data, including Allegro, Allociné, CBS Interactive, HMV, RealNetworks, Shutterfly, and Tipp24.

The Personalization Journey

Shopping on an e-Commerce site, browsing media, joining a social network or playing the latest hit in mobile gaming is a journey: we start off intently focused, but later can become distracted; we are attracted by various pages and avoid others; we are interested in products or offers and annoyed by some. Eventually, we choose to buy, subscribe, join a game, or leave.

Every e-Business site needs to learn to maximize these opportunities – turning customer relationships into profitable ones by increasing purchase conversion rates, eyeballs to onsite advertising and generally extending the customers journey. We do this through personalization, making every interaction relevant to each unique individual. And managing every step of their website experience.

Proven e-Business Solutions

InfiniteInsight® is working with leading e-Businesses (e-Commerce and online retailers, online auctions, media and subscription based content, social gaming, etc.) to provide an end-to-end solution that covers the following use cases:

It’s clear we’ve been around the block (in a virtual sense) and we’re committed to providing a solution that works for your e-business.

Success Stories

Allocine: Online Recommendations - Short Version

See how Allocine uses KXEN's InfiniteInsight to create personalized recommendations on their website.