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Infinite Insight to Your Shoppers


There’s No Need to Shop Around Any Longer

Over 20 of the world's leading retailers and e-commerce vendors worldwide – including Lowe’s, Sears, True Value, Eldorado, Allegro, Darty, Shutterfly, and MonotaRO – are using InfiniteInsight® to manage customer relationships that contribute over $500 billion in annual revenues.

In fact, our retail customers serve over 150 million shoppers every week across 12,000 brick & mortar store outlets and e-commerce sites. It's not small potatoes.  It's why some of the world's largest brands chose InfiniteInsight® to optimize their business.

Attention All Shoppers, Meet the Cloud

Multi-channel marketing and the cloud are driving a new sense of urgency in retail. It’s no longer a simple world of planning catalog campaigns months in advance. We must become more agile.  We must use the mountains of data we collect about our customers. And we need to meet our customers wherever they want to do business – whether it’s the web, catalog or retail outlet.

Unfortunately, it’s a competitive marketplace, and marketing dollars are limited. This means every campaign needs to be at the top of its game and yet, for most retailers, there’s just not enough analytical bandwidth to build predictive models for the majority of marketing programs.

Well, InfiniteInsight® has been helping some of the best retail brands globally stock up on predictive power to drive improved sales performance and customer loyalty at every stage of the customer lifecycle. Join the party.

Thanks to InfiniteInsight®, Sears is doing far more with less. 

Tom Stahnke, Manager, Direct Mail Circulation and Analytics Sears Customer Direct

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