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Infinite Insight to Your Clients

Financial Services

We Take Our Customer Relationships to the Bank

InfiniteInsight® is bringing a new level of insight to over 45 leading financial institutions worldwide, including Bank of America, Wells Fargo, ING, Discover and Barclays, managing over 200 million retail and commercial relationships of their own.

Our financial customers standardized on InfiniteInsight® to optimize every step of the customer lifecycle – from acquisition, to cross-sell and up-sell campaigns and customer retention. And for many, we’re playing a key role in reducing risk and fraud, including loan origination risk models and new credit card applications.

A Need for Insight

The financial services sector continues to undergo massive change due to consolidation, ongoing regulatory changes (e.g. Dodd-Frank act, Basel 3) and a massive shift to online banking. This is driving skyrocketing demand for predictive models and creating an unprecedented need for agility and productivity. Fortunately InfiniteInsight® was built for this.

Being able to build models rapidly leads to better and more actionable solutions. 

Richard Wherry, SVP Market Information Manager, GWIM Client Analytics & Modeling

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