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Infinite Insight to Your Subscribers


We’re Dialed In

We’re helping over 40 leading communications service providers worldwide gain a new level of insight with predictive analytics including Vodafone, Orange, Cox Communications, Belgacom, U.S. Cellular, and Rogers. 

In fact, our customers are using InfiniteInsight® to optimize relationships for over 300 million subscribers worldwide. It’s how we’ve gained such a deep expertise with all types of communications providers including mobile (pre and post paid), triple and quad play, fixed, cable, MVNO – you name it, we’re dialed in.

Campaigns are Increasingly Complex

The communications market continues to undergo massive change. Consolidation, ongoing regulatory changes (e.g. number portability), and most importantly the shift to next generation services have led to more products and price plans than ever before. The age old challenge of offering the right product to the right customer at the right time is harder than ever before.

The Industry Leader

InfiniteInsight® has become the fastest growing choice for predictive analytics in the communications industry because our solutions are ideally suited for such a dynamic market. Whether you’re looking for churn management, social network analysis or a cross-sell solution, we’ve got the solutions and experience to make you successful.

Dr. Jacky Huyghebaert

We're achieving a higher return on our marketing investments. 

Dr. Jacky Huyghebaert, Customer & Market Intelligence Expert

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