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KXEN, An SAP Company

Deep Domain Expertise and Solutions

It’s our mission at KXEN to help our customers get real business value from their investments in predictive analytics. For us, it’s about going deep within an industry. To deliver solutions designed for you to compete on analytics. And guess what? It’s worked for over 500 of our customers worldwide:

  • Communications: we're helping over 40 of the leading communications providers optimize relationships for over 300 million subscribers globally including Vodafone, Cox, Belgacom, U.S. Cellular, and Rogers.
  • Financial Services: over 45 of the largest banks and insurance companies worlwide have standardized on InfiniteInsight®, including Bank of America, Wells Fargo, ING, Discover and Barclays, to manage over 200 million of their own retail and commercial relationships.
  • Retail: leading retailers like Lowe’s, Sears, True Value, Eldorado, Allegro, Darty, Shutterfly, and MonotaRO – are using InfiniteInsight® to manage customer relationships that contribute over $500 billion in annual revenues.

It's pretty clear we've been around the block. We're commited to providing a solution that works for your business.

Seymour Douglas, Ph.D.

With InfiniteInsight®, our campaign conversion rates are up 260%. 

Seymour Douglas, Ph.D., Executive Director, Analytics

Success Stories

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