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John Stewart
Senior Manager of Customer Analytics

Dialing Up Growth in a Mature Market


  • The company’s competitors began to rally, the government increased regulation of the market and average revenue per user lagged.
  • Vodafone New Zealand’s customer base reached a plateau at 2.2 million consumers.
  • Executives recognized that tougher market conditions warranted faster decision making based on real-time knowledge of current conditions.
  • Vodafone New Zealand needed to make a wholesale shift to analytical marketing, using business intelligence that could rapidly provide fact-based decision support.
  • Achieving profitable growth from the existing customer base required a level of sophistication in data management, analytics and customer relationship management that was beyond their capabilities.


  • The goal was to help the company deliver the right message to the appropriate customers when they wanted it, using the preferred channel.
  • Combined Teradata and powerful analytics to optimize customer communications and improve retention.
  • Deployed a collection of tools from vendors including KXEN.
  • Created a single business view essential to the success of the analytics programs.
  • Introduced propensity models and value models to support the targeting of propositions to the market.


  • InfiniteInsight® gives Vodafone New New Zealand a very rapid ability to develop sophisticated models and segmentations and then model the data within Teradata.
  • The automated capabilities and full integration with Teradata accelerates performance for the analytics team and means that company analysts can spend more time pursuing valuable insights.
  • InfiniteInsight® allows Vodafone to create many predictive models, which is necessary in a developing data environment where insights are still being refined.
  • Vodafone can automatically identify customer behavior and quickly send out the appropriate marketing communication to maximize any opportunity.
  • InfiniteInsight® provides rapid model development capabilities for each customer segment.
  • Reduced customer churn and increases the up-take rates of marketing campaigns.
  • The Vodafone New Zealand team can test hypotheses, quickly ascertain key variables and deploy insights through marketing campaigns.
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Industry: Communications
Size: Large
Region: APAC