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We are confident that we have made an excellent choice with Teradata and KXEN. The tool will give us a competitive advantage, enabling us to reinforce our market share and unroll the red carpet for our existing and future customers. 

Hazem Abdallah
MIS Manager

Wataniya Selects Teradata and KXEN's InfiniteInsight® for Efficient Customer Service


  • Serves 1 million customers in 45% of the Kuwaiti market.
  • Needed to develop a corporate-wide customer retention program.
  • Wanted to retain the most profitable users while raising levels of service and satisfaction.
  • Implement a strategy for segmentation targeting and position marketing.


  • Ability to integrate predictive analytics into business process workflow to impact revenue and margins.
  • Validated integration between Teradata and KXEN accelerated implementation.
  • Customer DNA (CDNA) is easily built with the two tools.
  • Ability to handle thousands of variables.


  • Analytics detected 90% of potential churners after short implementation period.
  • Marketing teams were able to analyze customer behavior and build retention strategies based on this insight to maximize profits.
  • Customers with the propensity to churn within the next 2 following months easily identified.
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Industry: Communications
Size: Large
Region: EMEA