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InfiniteInsight® is helping deliver a much higher take-up rate from our customers. 

Director of Consumer Business Unit

InfiniteInsight® Boosts Customer Retention at Vodafone Netherlands


  • Churn remains one of the biggest challenges for Vodafone Netherland, the country's second largest operator by revenue and profitability.
  • Vodafone Netherlands is challenged with deregulation, ease of number transfer, more than 100% market penetration, and intense competition, with no less than 54 different brands for every mobile phone user to choose from in the Netherlands.


  • Put InfiniteInsight® up against other solutions and it provided a great speed advantage over the other tools.
  • Using InfiniteInsight® to inform the crucial loyalty and retention campaigns that help ensure Vodafone's customers remain the happiest and hence least likely to churn.
  • Working on a database of around 7 billion customer records across some 30 million client IDs.


  • With help of InfiniteInsight®, Vodafone Netherlands has managed to decrease its churn rate.
  • In one marketing promotion InfiniteInsight® gave an advantage over the competition by being able to offer a more relevant handset. The company saw nothing but a positive response from the people contacted.
  • Overall InfiniteInsight® is helping deliver a much higher take-up rate from customers by predicting their behavior and how they will react to offers.
  • The beauty of InfiniteInsight® to Vodafone Netherlands - it can work with a much larger, almost unlimited number of variables and give even better quality results.
  • With InfiniteInsight®, the company gets the answers they need in less than an hour.
  • InfiniteInsight® gives good, easy to understand results and the user interface is so simple that anyone can use it.
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Industry: Communications
Size: Large
Region: EMEA