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For users, the simplicity of InfiniteInsight® is of particular significance. 

Verena Meuther
Marketing Strategy Market & Customer Insights

Predictive Analytics on the Fast Track


  • With 15,000 employees, the Düsseldorf-based company with 8.4 billion Euros in annual revenue provides mobile and fixed line telephony together with high speed data services for nearly 34 million business and private customers.
  • Deep insight of customers and their preferences is often lost inside the much larger volumes of data held in customer databases.
  • Traditionally predictive analytics involved a lot of manual effort.
  • Data preparation - in particular the selection of variables - was complex and the models used had to be scoped every month to deliver results to the marketing campaign team.
  • The way models were created, saved and made available was not standardized and depended on the individual developer.


  • Standardized on InfiniteInsight®, an automated solution to create models faster and send the results to the campaign team in an efficient manner.
  • Selected InfiniteInsight® over SAS because the application was simpler, license management was more convenient, and KXEN demonstrated good customer service.
  • The whole project including full InfiniteInsight® integration was completed and went live in 10 months, including creating analytical records for each customer, automating the InfiniteInsight® score results and preparing an integrated interface to campaign management.
  • Vodafone Germany's Teradata data warehouse, including 140 terabytes of customer data, contains millions of records that include data from central systems, customer data entry terminals in branches, retail applications and systems for recording network traffic.
  • 10 Vodafone employees use the InfiniteInsight® solution.


  • Complex analysis of customer data has become both easier and faster.
    Eliminated the whole manual processing that used to follow output generation.
  • Churn management and cross-selling/up-selling of new product introductions are the two major areas covered by InfiniteInsight®.
  • In the case of churn, using modeling to learn the reasons why customers move to other providers allows proactive steps to be taken to increase customer satisfaction and improve loyalty.
  • With the automation and InfiniteInsight® the company has achieved a huge time advantage.
  • InfiniteInsight® can handle more attributes than other tools, making data preparation significantly faster.
  • For users, the simplicity of InfiniteInsight® is of particular significance.
  • There is no longer any need for endless configurations, people can concentrate instead on interpreting the results.
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