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We're getting a lift as a result of InfiniteInsight®. 

Chris Doel
Head of Predictive Modeling

Virgin Media Uses InfiniteInsight® to Drive Cross-Sell, Up-Sell and Customer Retention Campaigns


  • The UK's first quad play provider of TV, broadband, phone and mobile, at times needed to build models in just a few weeks.
  • Wanted a solution to build predictive models more quickly and more easily than alternative tools.


  • Using InfiniteInsight® to build the predictive models used in selecting which offers to make to which customers.
  • Building models on top of the company’s large volume of demographic and transactional data and then exporting code to put the models into production.
  • The graphs that InfiniteInsight® produces are very clear and intuitive, making it very easy to explain how a model works to internal clients and giving the company’s marketing people confidence. 


  • InfiniteInsight® is playing a key role in helping the company set a new industry benchmark with a record 54.7% of customers opting for a triple play - three out of four products.
  • Speed of modeling has translated directly into speed to market with new product offerings.
  • InfiniteInsight® is over 50% quicker than the alternatives.
  • Virgin Media can do things more quickly than with other modeling software and because InfiniteInsight® is so robust the company doesn't have to spend time checking things.
  • Seen at least a 50% improvement in the cost of model building.
  • Analysts need very little training to be proficient and to be able to build good quality models - with some other tools it might take as long as one or two years to get to that level.
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Industry: Communications, e-Business
Size: Medium
Region: EMEA