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Thomas Piton

In our first campaign with InfiniteInsight®, we acquired 115 new customers that contribute over 1.2M € in annual revenues. 

Thomas Piton
Data Miner

VM Matériaux Optimizes Customer Relationships with InfiniteInsight®


  • VM Matériaux, a leader in do-it-yourself home improvement with more than 700 € million in annual sales to businesses and consumers needed to optimize the customer lifecycle.
  • Needed to extend sales and marketing reach beyond just face-to-face sales calls to a multi-channel strategy that would include direct mail, email, phone, SMS text and fax.
  • In light of an increasingly competitive market, VM Matériaux needed to respond quickly to maintain its market leadership.
  • Required a solution that would allow a single business analyst in the marketing department to scale across a team of twenty marketers and hundreds of sales people.
  • The company had never implemented predictive analytics in the past nor had any trained statisticians on staff.


  • Standardized on KXEN’s InfiniteInsight® to optimize business and consumer customer relationships across its 118 retail outlets worldwide.
    InfiniteInsight® was selected over SAS and SPSS for its strength of modeling, ease of use and business fit.
  • Build an end-to-end marketing platform, which includes a Microsoft SQL Server reporting solution and Selligent for customer relationship management.
  • Building credit risk models to evaluate customer buying power and forecast performance against annual revenue contracts.


  • Acquired 115 new customers and over 1.2 € million in annual revenues in the company’s first campaign optimized by InfiniteInsight®.
  • Able to detect when a commercial account is at risk of default and determine the next best action to take before there is any impact on revenues.
  • Match specific marketing offers with the right customer channel to get optimal results – including a boost in revenues and more efficient use of marketing budget.
  • Cut nearly half the time it takes to build predictive models with InfiniteInsight® Explorer, predictive modeling’s first-ever semantic layer.
  • Build predictive models in only hours, rather than months with traditional methods.
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Industry: Retail
Size: Medium
Region: EMEA