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Jarosław Kosiński
Corporate Project Manager

Churn Model Accuracy Improved By 47% with InfiniteInsight® Social


  • Telekomunikacja Polska, part of France Telecom Orange Group, is the largest fixed-line provider for voice and broadband services in Poland.
  • The company needed to explore and define effective ways to predict churn starting from CDRs’ derivatives (Call Data Records).


  • Used InfiniteInsight® Social to assess the value of social network analysis (SNA) in empowering customer retention strategies.
  • The prediction of churn was based on four main types of analysis: churn measurements, psychographic analysis, geographical churn analysis and social network analysis.
  • InfiniteInsight® Social was used to detect communities of networkers, bridges, leaders and followers.
  • The role of subscribers within the communities, as well as the other social variables created by InfiniteInsight® Social, were then used to rebuild the churn prediction model.


  • The contribution of the InfiniteInsight® Social improved the accuracy of the churn predictive model by 47%.
  • Using a single server, InfiniteInsight® Social was able to smoothly work on CDR derivatives in order to prepare links and detect communities within the subscriber base in two hours.
  • All this was done with an easy user interface and short elaboration times.
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Industry: Communications
Size: Large
Region: EMEA