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With KXEN’s InfiniteInsight®, we are sending fewer emails and generating far more clicks. 

Yassine Faihe
CTO & Chief Data Scientist

Social Mix Media Group Boosts Click-Throughs by 30% for Billions of Emails


  • Social Mix Media Group, a leading European digital relationship management agency, which counts among its customers international brands like Audi, BMW, Accor Group, Infiniti, Mazda, Nissan and Walt Disney, needed to personalize billions of emails for marketing campaigns on behalf of its clients.
  • While e-mail and social media are cost effective marketing channels with the ability to reach millions of customers, Social Mix Media’s clients need to stay relevant to build brand loyalty and reduce the risk of email opt-outs and customer defection. 


  • Driving successful online acquisition, cross-sell, up-sell and loyalty strategies using behavioral analysis, which applies predictive analytics to “big data” in order to create unique profiles for each of the more than 20 million individuals in their marketing database.
  • InfiniteInsight® was chosen over competing solutions for its ease of use as well as the speed and accuracy of its modeling capabilities.
  • A team of three business analysts is able to build more than 500 predictive models that analyze billions of unique customer transactions each year and 1000+ customer attributes. 


  • Using KXEN’s InfiniteInsight®, the company is delivering over one billion targeted e-mails each year on behalf of their clients.
  • Higher open rates and click-throughs as well as reduced opt-outs have driven a 30% improvement in campaign lift, successfully driving customer behaviors like online purchases, store visits and registrations for various promotions.
  • Sending fewer emails and generating far more clicks.
  • Building a predictive model and applying predictive scores for a major brand campaign – a process that typically takes weeks or months for most organizations with traditional predictive approaches – may take as little as twenty-five minutes using KXEN.
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Industry: Communications, e-Business
Size: Medium
Region: EMEA