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John Gulliford

InfiniteInsight® puts us in the driver's seat. 

John Gulliford
Manager, Analytics and Circulation, Online BU

Sears, Roebuck and Company Boosts Productivity with InfiniteInsight®


  • Like many retailers, Sears realized it needed to find a way to compete in the volatile world of modern retail fueled by technology and flooded with competition.
  • Sears modeling productivity was crippled by dwindling analytical resources.
  • Deploying predictive analytic scores from the Teradata data warehouse into production required manual, redundant and time-consuming processes that were prone to human error. 


  • Standardized on InfiniteInsight® to optimize marketing processes including customer segmentation and targeted mailings.
  • Automated the predictive analytics process including data preparation, modeling and score deployment.
  • Built a 900-attribute data mart within the Teradata warehouse that combined information which spanned multiple channels, hundreds of brands combined with a wealth of customer data including credit history, market demographics, and external sources such as mail-order overlays.
  • InfiniteInsight® allows Sears to apply scores directly in-database to their Teradata data warehouse.  


  • Eliminated labor-intensive, high-maintenance and repetitive tasks.
  • Reduced the time to build accurate, robust models to a few hours rather than a few weeks.
  • Using a central Teradata data warehouse gives the catalog team a highly scalable computing and storage environment while reducing operational costs.
  • Modeling and scoring directly within their Teradata warehouse results in hundreds of thousands of dollars in annual savings.
  • Able to score 75 million customers in 30 minutes, down from several hours which results in significant savings.
  • Realized a welcome and unexpected benefit: business partners, analysts, and merchandising colleagues are asking more “what if” questions because answers are immediate – often within 10 minutes.
  • Automation allows analysts to build more sophisticated models than they could with conventional predictive analytics solutions.
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Industry: Retail
Size: Large
Region: AMER