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Our direct mail strategy for the last London Season only took about 45 minutes to plan. 

Mary Butlin
Head of Market Planning

Advanced Analytics Move Centre Stage at the Royal Shakespeare Company


  • The challenge was to reach broader, more diverse audiences while encouraging a core of loyal customers to visit more often.
  • Needed to target marketing efforts more effectively to improve box office sales, which would also improve their funding appeals to its patrons and sponsors.
  • Wanted a way to better understand its audience and use the knowledge to plan theatrical productions more accurately.
  • Lacked the technology infrastructure, software and skills to perform the audience analyses and segmentation vital to creating the bold marketing plans needed.
  • The only source of box office information was from a basic ticketing database that offered no insights into the demographics or behavior of audience members.


  • Enter two new seasoned players stage left: the global management consultancy, technology services and outsourcing company Accenture and its analytics software partner KXEN.
  • Profiled current and potential audiences with the results leading to a marketing strategy for audiences in both Stratford-upon-Avon and London.
  • Loaded more than seven years worth of ticket-buying data of some 2 million patron visits into systems at the company’s Customer Insight Center in Milan.
  • Using technology from another partner, Teradata, Accenture then created a new audience database that could be easily and quickly segmented by customer behavior.
  • Developed the audience analysis required to drive real customer insight, enabling improved marketing, sales and customer loyalty.
  • KXEN’s InfiniteInsight® combed through the large volume of RSC data and identified specific audience segments and patterns of attendance behavior.


  • The InfiniteInsight® powered analysis revealed some of eight distinct audience segments attending Stratford and six attending London, only four of the Stratford segments made a significant number of return visits accounting for 59% of the RSC’s income.
  • The audiences to target were so clear cut and they could even tell from the analysis exactly when to communicate with different groups to maximize response.
  • Stratford ticket buyers up by 50% to more than 320k.
  • Regulars, the highest revenue earners, increased by more than 70%, from 40k to more than 68k.
  • London bookings sold out significantly earlier following targeted mailings.
  • Stratford family shows bookers up by more than 20%.
  • New and lucrative London newcomer market identified.
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