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Mr. Katsuhiko Mukai

We are often interviewed by other companies as a best-in-class example of how to successfully develop and execute marketing activities. 

Mr. Katsuhiko Mukai
General Manager, Sales Promotion Dept.

Pocket Card Doubles its Direct Mail Campaign Revenue


  • Wanted to increase revenue by promoting the use of cash advance services, revolving credit, and by streamlining outbound telephone marketing calls for affiliated insurance services.
  • Pocket Card needed to reactivate non-active existing cardholders and find a new customer base suitable for specific services.
  • Prior to InfiniteInsight® targeting decisions on what customer segment to target for each campaign were based on in-house marketers’ experiences.


  • Adopted InfiniteInsight® as the company standard for predictive modeling and data analysis for perceiving customer insights.
  • With InfiniteInsight® Explorer Pocket Card is able to analyze its enormous amount of data, for example monthly credit card statements, outstanding loans, and repayment history.
  • With its automated technology, InfiniteInsight® enables building of predictive models from millions of customer records and tens of millions of historical account transactions within a few hours.


  • InfiniteInsight® boosted sales conversion rates of outbound telemarketing calls for insurance services by 180%.
  • Promoting campaigns for cash advance and revolving credit with preferential interest rates to new customer segments increased conversion by 400%.
  • Compared with past lists of non-active cardholders (compiled without using any models), total revenues for targeted direct mails powered by InfiniteInsight® increased by 200%.
  • Allows analysts to simulate as many scenarios as they like, and select the optimal models for their business needs.
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Industry: Financial Services
Size: Medium
Region: APAC