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Mitsuru Noda

With InfiniteInsight®, sales activities are streamlined dramatically 

Mitsuru Noda
General Manager, Sales Organization Service Division

POLA Improves Sales Conversions on Target List by 3% with InfiniteInsight®


  • Founded in 1929, POLA Inc. (POLA) is a direct and indirect sales cosmetics company. The company has 4,500 sales offices and 120,000 commissioned sales persons, called “POLA Ladies”, for face-to-face counseling and sales activities at stores and as direct selling with its original cosmetics.
  • Since its establishment, POLA has a company mission to provide the best products and services for each customer. In achieving this objective, sales staff and headquarters share customer data to create a competitive advantage.
  • In 2000, POLA headquarters began collecting all customer data and developed a custom sales support system so that data analysis could be used to drive company success at POLA.
  • The existing business intelligence (BI) tool provided insight to past results but lacked predictive analytics to make more informed decisions.


  • Selected InfiniteInsight® as the company standard for predictive modeling.
  • Integrated with an Oracle data warehouse and Hyperion business intelligence tool.
  • Analyze 7 million annual transactions to build new predictive models each month that recommend product selections for 200,000 individual customers, identifying the individuals with the highest probability to make a purchase. Resulting target lists are deployed to the sales support system.
  • Analyzing sales activities to understand the behaviors which contribute to top sales performance.


  • Since the implementation of target lists using predictive analytics for each campaign, POLA Ladies are able to easily identify whom to contact with which product, and decide the priority and order of daily sales calls.
  • Compared to past attempts at building target lists, InfiniteInsight® boosted sales conversions by 3%.
  • Have reduced sales costs by focusing on the customers most likely to purchase. POLA has realized a 38% conversion rate among those individuals selected using InfiniteInsight® (among the highest probability target list).
  • Total purchase rates have increased as often customers will purchase not just the targeted product but other selections at the time of sale.
  • The accuracy of recommendations created by InfiniteInsight® has boosted confidence and enthusiasm among the POLA Ladies.
  • Analysis of the sales cycle and top performers using InfiniteInsight®, has enabled POLA to better educate, train and support new sales people.
  • InfiniteInsight® enables POLA to improve the accuracy of their campaigns by allowing analysts to test as many “what-if” scenarios as they like and to select the best model for their business need.
  • Cut time to build predictive models significantly
  • Two business analysts are able to support predictive modeling for the entire organization.
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Industry: Retail
Size: Large
Region: APAC