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It's no longer just about targeting. It's about making more strategic decisions. 

Andy Bryan
Head of Customer Management

World's Largest Mail Order Group Accelerates Marketing Analytics with InfiniteInsight®


  • The Internet brought massive change to the home shopping industry and with it increased competition for the once dominant catalogue companies.
  • The existing tools and process that were in place were not able to keep pace with the developments being made in the company’s approach to planning.
  • Initially the analytics team used SAS software to build their analytical models but found it relatively time consuming and labor intensive. 


  • Otto UK, with around 1.5 million active customers and part of Otto Group, the world's largest mail order company, deployed InfiniteInsight® to optimize its marketing and help turn the odds back in its favor.
  • Integrated with the company’s Teradata data warehouse.
  • Supporting all UK modeling activities with just one modeler. 


  • Gained a more accurate prediction of returns from each campaign at a customer level, allowing targeting to be optimized and the volume of mailings to be increased or decreased accordingly.
  • What used to take three days now takes less than an hour.
  • The company can build more models, do more exploratory analysis and can develop models in a more iterative way.
  • The use of InfiniteInsight® has allowed Otto UK to apply a consistent best practice approach to its modeling activities.
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Industry: Retail
Size: Large
Region: EMEA