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Thanassis Thomopoulos

We realized a positive return on investment in the first year. 

Thanassis Thomopoulos
Director of Marketing

Neopost Stamps Out Attrition with InfiniteInsight®


  • Neopost, the second-largest supplier of mailing and shipping equipment in the world, needed to optimize the customer lifecycle, reduce churn, and increase cross-sell and up-sell.
  • The venerable 80-year firm, headquartered in France was contending with a mature market for its machines for mailing, folding, and inserting as well as the disruption caused by the rise of Internet technologies. Increasingly, email was replacing business mail.
  • To meet the challenge, Neopost needed an easy-to-use, highly sophisticated predictive analytics solution that could be deployed without IT support and would not require a database expert.
  • The ability for a predictive analytics solution to deliver results based on relatively small data sets (about 100,000 customers) was also critical.
  • An existing approach, which used Excel to analyze data extracted from SAP and Siebel systems, limited the insights that could be derived from the data and did not scale.


  • Selected InfiniteInsight® as the best-in-class predictive analytics solution.
  • Rapidly deployed InfiniteInsight® in an SAP and Siebel environment.
  • Assembled a “semantic” analytical layer to build the essential analytical data sets used in predictive modeling that was reusable and easily modified.
  • Models are created in minutes, allowing Neopost to build predictive models to support virtually any customer interaction across any customer channel, including the call center, direct mail and e-mail, without hiring additional staff.


  • Reduced attrition by up to 30 percent on particular segments.
  • Achieved effective predictive scores to optimize customer interactions across a variety of sales channels, including the call center, direct mail and e-mail, within days of the initial deployment.
  • Realized ROI in less than one year.
  • Slashed predictive modeling time by 80% with InfiniteInsight® Explorer, predictive analytics’ first-ever semantic layer.
  • Precision modeling accurately identifies customers most at risk of moving to a competitor, as well as customers with the highest value -- a process that would have taken weeks with other solutions but only took a few days with InfiniteInsight®.
  • Able to create successful loyalty campaigns based on key customer characteristics.
  • Accurate, actionable results for a relatively small data set (about 100,000 customers), along with the ability to scale.
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