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Masaya Suzuki

Sales are up nearly 200% thanks to InfiniteInsight®. 

Masaya Suzuki
Executive Officer; General Manager Marketing Dept

InfiniteInsight® Contributes 5% of MonotaRO’s Annual Revenues


  • The B2B company needed a way to better match and market its 1,200,000 products to its 600,000 customers.
  • MonotaRO needed to gain insight into its diverse customer base, made up of small to mid-size companies spanning such industries as piping, machinery, electrical, chemical, painting, automotive and food.
  • Required a predictive analytics tool that could scale with the company’s rapid growth, as well as the changing marketplace and customer buying habits.
  • Needed a way to improve targeting accuracy of catalogs, pamphlets and online recommendations. 
  • Previous predictive analytics solution required more than a month for data preparation and another 2-3 weeks to build a single model.
  • No in-house statisticians and only a single business analyst to support predictive modeling.


  • Standardized on InfiniteInsight® to analyze data, discover rules and patterns, and create predictive models.
  • Leveraging predictive modeling’s first-ever semantic layer to streamline data preparation and automatically generate analytical data sets with over 2,500 explanatory variables and aggregates from over 12 million transactions and 600,000 customer records.
  • Automated predictive modeling to eliminate manual, time-consuming processes that were prone to error.
  • Integrated predictive models with Unica, the company’s campaign management solution.


  • Predictive analytics contributes over $5 million dollars a year or 5% of the company’s annual revenue.
  • InfiniteInsight® optimizes over 500 marketing campaigns a year for customer acquisition as well as cross-sell/up-sell to active customers.
  • A superior ability to accurately address rapidly changing market conditions and customer preferences.
  • Supporting campaigns across a wide range of sales channels including fax, email, catalogs, pamphlets and the corporate website.
  • Able to vastly improve product assortment and offerings by identifying actionable trends/patterns.
  • Up to a 200% increase in sales with campaigns backed by InfiniteInsight® predictive analytics.
  • Boosted model productivity by over 1000%.
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Industry: Retail
Size: Medium
Region: APAC