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Kelly Tagtow

With InfiniteInsight® we're doing more models in less time, and getting better results. 

Kelly Tagtow
Director of Business Intelligence

Meredith Boosts Revenues with InfiniteInsight®


  • Meredith needed to improve its magazine circulation and maintain database marketing revenues.
  • The company had been doing its own analytic models, but needed the ability to generate more models, in less time, with better results.


  • InfiniteInsight® allows Meredith to run analytics directly in-database which is much faster, more efficient, and has fewer errors.
  • With the largest database of any US media company, Meredith routinely scores 16+ million records every week.


  • InfiniteInsight’s® cut what was a 20-hour implementation process down to just two, so Meredith can react more quickly to changing business conditions.
  • Meredith is getting a significant direct financial benefit, is seeing performance improvements, and is achieving better than 30% time savings in analytics.
  • Results of the InfiniteInsight’s® analyses drive direct mail and email campaigns—channels both vital to attracting new subscribers.
  • Improved productivity and scope of InfiniteInsight® means Meredith can promote more titles, more regularly, with campaigns that are better targeted and informed.
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