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In a single campaign, response rate increased by 455% from 5% to 23%. 

Loyalty Leader Increases Campaign Response


  • Maximiles, one of the first multi-brand Internet loyalty companies, sought to use predictive analytics to enhance the value of its offerings, including email marketing.
  • In the hotly contested email marketing space, Maximiles’ sales teams quickly realized the importance of differentiating themselves from other competitors.
  • Needed to provide subscribers with high value marketing services to retain and acquire new customers.
  • Goal was to optimize the balance between penetration and quantity of mails sent on behalf of Maximiles’ clients.


  • After performing a thorough market study, the management decided to go with InfiniteInsight®.
  • Adding InfiniteInsight® to Maximail allowed the company to enhance the value of its offering by providing advanced options before and after a campaign.


  • InfiniteInsight® determines the number of users a campaign should target to get the best return on investment.
  • In a single campaign, the number of opened emails was increased by over 15,000, the total number of clicks received was increased by 296% and the response rate increased by 455% from 5% to 23%.
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