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With InfiniteInsight®, we're now doing in hours what used to take days. 

Simon Samuel
Head of Value Solutions

Lloyds TSB Deploys InfiniteInsight® Because Time is Money


  • Lloyds TSB needed to extend and deepen the company’s modelling and analytic capability across a wider user group.
  • Wanted to develop actionable insight for the bank’s retail product teams.


  • After an extensive six-month evaluation Lloyds TSB deployed InfiniteInsight®.
  • Standardized on InfiniteInsight® across their 40-person analytics team.
  • Leveraged InfiniteInsight® across several applications including marketing segmentation and incremental response modeling.


  • With InfiniteInsight®, cut modeling time from days and weeks to hours.
  • Immediate benefits in model production and quality have raised the bar for predictive analytics across the company.                            
  • InfiniteInsight® has allowed the predictive analytics team to scale across the business with improved results.
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Industry: Financial Services
Size: Large
Region: EMEA