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InfiniteInsight® has enabled us to generate significant productivity gains. 

Marc Lavielle
Targeting and Results Analysis Manager

LCL Le Crédit Lyonnais Deploys InfiniteInsight® to Deliver Value-Added Services


  • With a portfolio encompassing banking, asset management, insurance and estate management, LCL Le Crédit Lyonnais depends on effective marketing to promote its 400 products and services.
  • The bank runs more than 130 national marketing campaigns a year, targeting some 10 million customers and prospects through email, direct mail, text messaging and other channels.
  • Previously the direct marketing teams ran campaigns using 10 basic customer score models. The marketing staff, however, felt more targeted - and more easily changed - score models were needed based on the specific features of each core product line.
  • Before InfiniteInsight®, it could take as long as 5 days to build scores.


  • Seamless integration with legacy systems.
  • Once users were trained on InfiniteInsight® they found it easy to prepare data directly in their usual UNIX environment without having to perform laborious data transfers to their desktop.
  • Campaign results are generated in a readily understood graphical format, providing at a glance intelligence for a wider business audience.


  • Some 160 score models are now built annually – up from around 10 previously – for 130 direct marketing campaigns.
  • With InfiniteInsight® the LCL marketing team more than doubled the response rate of its direct marketing in the first campaign for a comprehensive home insurance policy.
  • Higher response rates to its campaigns has led to the availability of yet more value added services for LCL customers.
  • InfiniteInsight® makes marketing campaign targets easier to pinpoint and understand.
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Industry: Financial Services
Size: Large
Region: EMEA