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Thanks to InfiniteInsight®, we can now create even more added value for our customers. 

Didier Andrieu
Managing Director

Harte-Hanks Deploys InfiniteInsight® to Provide Its Customers with More Information


  • Harte-Hanks, a provider of database products and services for IT companies and telcos, partnered with KXEN to develop enhanced databases that will provide businesses with deeper customer insight.
  • When Harte-Hanks wanted enhanced information on the European SMB market - a total of some 15 million businesses – the volume of data to be collected was beyond the scope of its existing call center.


  • The company developed CI Predict, initially for the German market, which uses InfiniteInsight® to extrapolate new data by comparing 20,000 Harte-Hanks records with 2 million from a German institutional partner.
  • The database - which also includes economic and demographic information - totals some 600,000 profiles, 4 million records and 300 data fields.


  • Systematic use of InfiniteInsight® has given Harte-Hanks a forty-fold increase in data which is also more reliable, pertinent and robust.
  • Harte-Hanks and its German partner now use InfiniteInsight® models daily to enhance their respective databases.
  • Harte-Hanks plans a similar cooperative approach with a UK partner, to be expanded into all of the countries in which it operates.
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