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Thierry Conquet

InfiniteInsight® fit the bill on all levels. 

Thierry Conquet
Executive Director, Offers & Services Development

Editions Législatives Increases Agility Across the Customer Lifecycle


  • Editions Législatives, one of three publishing houses that make up Editions Lefebvre-Sarrut, the largest publishing company in France focused on law, accounting and human resources, needed to accelerate customer acquisition and strengthen customer relationships.
  • The company sought to implement a multichannel sales approach across catalogs, telesales, direct sales and online, but was overwhelmed by a prospect base made up of nearly one million contacts.
  • Addressing everyone using traditional methods was too expensive, and accurate targeting was impossible without a robust analytic tool.
  • They faced an increasing attrition rate, which was offsetting revenues from new customers.
  • Required a predictive analytics solution with the flexibility to integrate with applications yet to be selected for campaign management and customer relationship management.


  • Standardized on InfiniteInsight® to boost the end-to-end customer lifecycle, from customer acquisition as well as up-sales, cross-sales and retention.
  • Competitors demonstrated good test results but poor usability – the ease of use by non-statisticians provided by InfiniteInsight® was crucial.
  • Deployed InfiniteInsight® Explorer, predictive modeling’s first-ever semantic layer, to assemble valuable customer data once into a reusable analytical record, providing a framework to automatically build unlimited analytical data sets and predictive models.
  • InfiniteInsight® can handle large volumes of data, but also delivers strong results for intermediate-sized data sets of 150,000 records or less.


  • The InfiniteInsight® semantic layer and automated approach allows the company to optimize an unlimited number of marketing campaigns with predictive models that can be created on-demand and easily updated.
  • Rolled out a "next best action" marketing strategy throughout the publishing house to optimize all customer lifecycle touch points, from acquisition to cross promotions and retention.
  • Can quickly test an unlimited number of marketing scenarios, allowing marketing teams to ask as many 'what if questions' as necessary.
  • More sophisticated targeting approach identifies prospects by multiple variables, optimizing campaign drop lists while handling missing values.
  • Once a scenario is determined, the results speak for themselves and the insights are immediately actionable.
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