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Seymour Douglas, Ph.D.

With InfiniteInsight®, we've increased products per household by 14%. 

Seymour Douglas, Ph.D.
Executive Director, Analytics

Cox Supercharges their Customer Relationships with InfiniteInsight®


  • The third largest cable entertainment and broadband service provider in the country needed to double its direct mail campaign conversions.
  • Legacy tools were not suited for building predictive models to support customer retention, acquisition and lifetime valuation which were fundamental company objectives.
  • Couldn’t quickly and accurately generate personalized offers for 6.4 million subscribers across 28 regions.


  • Standardized on InfiniteInsight® for predictive analytics, including segmentation, classification, regression and data aggregation.
  • Implemented a scaleable solution to meet both short and long-term marketing needs including predictive modeling for customer acquisitions, retention, customer lifetime value and event-based marketing.
  • The InfiniteInsight® user-friendly approach means the four-person central analytics team can support regional marketing analysts in 28 regions company-wide.
  • Developed a high throughput solution to support business initiatives in Cox’s residential, business, sales and advertising departments as well as Cox’s sister media operation which is the second largest newspaper publishing house in the U.S.


  • Products per household increased by 14%.
  • Cut churn rate nearly 28%.
  • Precisely, accurately and quickly polls through 10 million observations and 800 variables to identify customer-related issues.
  • Able to identify a customer’s propensity to purchase, likelihood of churn and prospective credit risks.
  • Increased throughput of four central analysts from 40 to 1,680 predictive models annually.
  • InfiniteInsight® has reduced model creation time by 80%.
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Industry: Communications
Size: Large
Region: AMER