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InfiniteInsight® delivers real insight. 

Neil Pollitt
Customer Insight Manager

InfiniteInsight® Proves Its Worth at Co-operative Financial Services


  • Co-operative Financial Services, with over 6 million customers, used a few models in the past and they were built and maintained by third parties.
  • It was a very time-consuming, labor intensive, and hard to document process. And because it wasn’t economical to keep building new models, they very quickly got out of date.



  • One of the first models built by the customer insight team using InfiniteInsight® led to a significant increase in actual campaign performance yet required much less time to build and apply than previous models.
  • InfiniteInsight® delivers real insight, drawing out key variables very quickly in a way the business can understand.
  • InfiniteInsight® provides ease and speed to the customer insight team.
  • InfiniteInsight® allows people who couldn’t otherwise build model get results, generate value and impact the business.
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Industry: Financial Services
Size: Medium
Region: EMEA