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InfiniteInsight® has set a new internal benchmark for model quality. 

Alfred Furth
Vice President, Portfolio Analytics and Risk

CAPITAL Card Services Accelerates Its Analytics Time-to-Market with InfiniteInsight®


  • The leader in portfolio management and card outsourcing solutions was relying on a previous generation alternative, but found it too time-consuming.
  • Traditional analytics approach could not quickly and easily support an automated model development and validation process.
  • Business managers needed to rapidly identify key variables to fine tune their strategies and improve business performance in order to remain cost-effective and reduce time-to-market.


  • Participated in a side by side evaluation with several other data mining tools which led CAPITAL Card Services to select InfiniteInsight®.
  • Deployed InfiniteInsight® to quickly build predictive models tailored for CAPITAL Card Services business needs.
  • Developed an automated model development and validation process to deliver the high level of card services required in today’s competitive market.


  • Accelerated analytical model building and variable reduction processes by up to 400%.
  • Models and strategies are redeveloped, calibrated, and implemented much quicker than the previous traditional modeling solution.
  • Dramatic time-savings has allowed the company to analyze and understand the contribution of a wide array of variables including previously overlooked attributes to understand their impact on the business.
  • InfiniteInsight® allows CAPITAL Card Services to provide a superior range of support services to credit card issuers, including loss prevention and business intelligence.
  • Predictive models built on InfiniteInsight® have established a new internal benchmark for model quality that is used to measure if models built by legacy tools can be used in production.
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