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Dr. Jacky Huyghebaert

We're achieving a higher return on our marketing investments. 

Dr. Jacky Huyghebaert
Customer & Market Intelligence Expert

Belgacom Delivers Next Best Actions Across All Customer Channels


  • Belgacom is in a highly competitive market where the window of opportunity to introduce new products or marketing promotions can be short.
  • Prior to InfiniteInsight®, Belgacom relied on traditional modeling tools that lacked flexibility and were hard to use.
  • The traditional modeling tools left Belgacom at risk of missing critical revenue opportunities or worse yet, customer churn.
  • Former data mining solutions did not easily integrate with the company’s Teradata data warehouse. 
  • Translating models into a usable format was time-consuming and prone to human error.


  • Belgacom standardized on InfiniteInsight® to build predictive models to manage its business and consumer customer relationships.
  • InfiniteInsight® delivered an easy to use solution accessible by both trained statisticians and business analysts.
  • Every interaction in the customer lifecycle from acquisition to cross promotions and retention is optimized with predictive models built on InfiniteInsight®
  • Eliminated lengthy error-prone data preparation processes required by the previous solution.
  • In-database analytic capabilities allowed integration to Teradata data warehouse out of the box.


  • The InfiniteInsight® automated approach to data mining has increased the company’s agility and efficiency and allowed a handful of analysts to support the entire business with no additional headcount.
  • Cut modeling time from months to days.
  • Independent of channel, whether it is the call center, a retail store or the company’s website, customers are presented with a personalized next best action or offer.
  • Achieving a higher return on marketing investments and visibility to previously unseen customer insights.
  • Able to indentify gaps in the market and turn them into revenue streams.
  • All models are refreshed monthly or weekly, meaning that the business never has to be satisfied with old, out of date models.
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Industry: Communications
Size: Large
Region: EMEA