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KXEN, An SAP Company


The Best Employees, the Best Work of Your Career

It’s an exciting time. Predictive analytics is a top priority for most major companies today and KXEN’s paving the way for the industry. The pride, expertise and innovation we build into our solutions are an integral part of our company’s energy.

Whether you're a recent college graduate or you have several years experience working in the technology sector, we're looking for the best people to join our team.

Everything we do at KXEN is founded on these simple core values:

  • Customer Satisfaction. Our customers come first for KXEN. It’s our mission is to make sure every customer deployment is nothing less than success.
  • Results. We work hard and deliver amazing results.
  • Team. At KXEN, it’s about respect for the individual and celebration as a team.

We are constantly looking for talent.

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