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Predictive Lead Scoring, Predictive Lead Scoring

Predictive Lead Scoring

Take the Guesswork Out of Lead Targeting

Traditional lead scoring applications used by marketers rely on hardcoded rules that are often the result of guesswork or intuition. Often the models are overly simplistic, using only basic information such as whether the lead has indicated they have budget or the timeframe for purchase.

KXEN’s Predictive Lead Scoring™ is an application built on the Cloud Prediction™ platform and enables the intelligent scoring of leads in your org based on a prediction of the lead’s likelihood to convert into a qualified sales opportunity.

With KXEN’s Predictive Lead Scoring™, there is no complicated setup, no need to manually define what makes a good lead and no prior analytical knowledge required. Salesforce customers simply install the application and KXEN starts delivering optimal lead scores with the same sophisticated predictive engine used by some of the world's largest banks, telecommunications providers, retailers and e-businesses.

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  • Available on’s AppExchange
  • Prioritize your leads
  • Custom lead scoring models for every org’s unique data
  • Analyzes standard and custom fields
  • Automated binning of data and processing of missing values, outlier, etc.
  • Continuous self-learning
  • No administration required, install in clicks
  • Out-of-the-box dashboards and reports to communicate model characteristics and findings

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Free Trial: Predictive Lead Scoring™

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