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Cloud Prediction™



Insight to Your Cloud Applications

Today’s apps are moving into the cloud. And so is your need for insight.

We’ve taken our proven predictive engine and delivered it as a multi-tenant, cloud-native service. It’s called Cloud Prediction™ and it’s a powerful predictive platform which allows us to make cloud applications smarter.

With KXEN’s Cloud Prediction™ you can tap into the vast quantities of rich CRM, mobile and social data available in the cloud to transform the customer experience – making it more personal and really relevant, fast.

Check out the exciting applications being made available on KXEN’s Cloud Prediction™ platform:

  • Predictive Offers™ — intelligent offers based on a prediction of the offer or promotion's likelihood to be accepted and simplified rule-based constraints.
  • Predictive Lead Scoring™ — intelligent scoring of leads based on which ones will turn into a qualified sales opportunity.
  • Predictive Retention™ — prevent customer attrition with insight into which customers you’re at risk of losing.
  • Predictive Case Routing™ — predictive insight into the severity of customer service cases and how long they will take to resolve.

Now, companies of all sizes can benefit from the same sophisticated technology previously available to only the largest, most analytically advanced companies.

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